Anthony Francis Anthony Francis


January 10th, 2019

Jessica, San Antonio, 2019. I always say shoots are a good time, because they are and have been so edifying, so much a moment of communion, and so often a place truth telling. Many people that sat for me in the last few weeks have not been photographed in such a capacity and certainly not for the purposes of expression and representation of themselves and a people. It has been expressed that there is belief in what I’m trying to say. Whether I succeed or not, the process of coming together and having such wide-ranging conversation, continually contribute to feelings of journey, shared passage, and of a collective experience. It means the world. As always, this image is an outtake. I am grateful. Thanks @icookthenieat We’ll have to get down again. Peace and love, you all. Go share good with someone. Make love. #weallwegot #allwebe #makeportraits #time #sanantonio #portraitphotography #alltheblacks #make #godox #profotoglobal #art #artist