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January 10th, 2020 Loading Comments...

Printing a large image of Millicent (Ma) @francismillicent , my mother. Before working on this image for an upcoming show, I was thinking about the fallacy of individuation, how we are responsible for each other and are endlessly indebted to people and those we love and with whom we have continually interacted. We are in many ways the result of love. That ever-red ventricular source is my mother. Having so many opportunities to fail in building our family up she has triumphed or waned. What does it mean when a person makes then betterment of you their top@priority. So often, cats that share origins stories similar to mine talk about where they come from. Man, mama is that place, from in spirit to in utero, and I’m, we are still, from/at Mama’s, never left, and will always be founded on Ma. I’m so glad the curator chose this piece. This project wouldn’t have been complete without her sitting as a reference to our lives. This train of thought reminds me of what someone told me of destiny’s meaning, that it is the culmination of our ancestors’ (new and old) and our goals and future. Family, my Mama is destinies’ facilitator. Peace, ma. Here we go, like everyday. I love you. Y’all have a good weekend. #mama #origin #theoutset #love #art #contemporaryart #contemporaryphotography #contemporaryportraiture #mediumformat #pentax645z #profoto #portraiture #makeportraits #weallwegot #mother #whereimfrom