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April 9th, 2021 Loading Comments...

A Study with John Lewis and the ancestors, Backyard, 2020. This piece has been sitting on my computer for a while. Now seems like a good time to show it when the promise of summer masquerades as panacea seducing us to forget those cold hands of brick hard winter storms of temp and of politics. After all, before this pandemic, there were rebel flags on beaches and ages old redlining and sexism and homophobia within our communities. The question before the vaccinations’ immunization fools us to believe a chokehold is a warm embrace, is whether racism, police brutality, inequity, and ramped lovelessness have ever been cured. Let’s gather to fight. To love. To song. To dance. We might ask ourselves when making even the slightest expression ‘ for whom, with whom’ is it all made. #photography #johnlewisandancestors #ancestors #blackandwhite #greys #fam #outside #triptych #weallwegot