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Mark Seated in the Studio, San Antonio, 2021. ‘Being’ usually seems to be an intermittently profound privilege the universe bestows upon those that do. However, the profundity is less a graceful inheritance and more a challenge to continue and a time of torture to each level of being. The days and times and hours that exist outside of the studio are sadly suspended against the boundary of Studio Seven’s four walls (@the_studio_7_rental ). I wonder if the world is trying to get us to bow out of give up. In the face of police brutality, I don’t think the universe, as it relates to humanity, is indifferent. This is direct malice. But, not in their own right are these walls blessed, but what happens when the occupiers fill this place with small talk and big topics, warm dabs, and cool clothes is what changes confinement to the serendipitous abundance being of holding space. The pain of gathering is knowing that the outside lurks late, but there is a street lamp that the campground fire lights. Thanks to Mark and everyone else that spends time with me and all us. #portraiture #weallwegot #inblack #inlove #studio #parabolix35d #fam #profoto #pentax645z #makeportraits