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… a suite of images of Harry Fowler @harrymantras done for an APM @apmg.official article regarding mental health, how institutions fail to take care of students, and the legal repercussions toward such inadequacy and negligence. Check the link in my bio. However, as schools have already started this year, it highlights the myriad student struggle. Harry and I had a great shoot with many different looks as they and their grandmother were so gracious. I appreciate @harrymantras and the folks at @apmreports for bringing me on. I took the gig, because I would get the chance to work with Harry. Whenever I have the chance to build fam, talk about photography, and just live while working, the ‘work’ supersedes it’s initial outset. The work is always something bigger. As a result of meeting Harry, I can assure them that they are indeed a Beacon for our community. I look forward to seeing what they continue to do. Peace and love. #harryfowler #fam #mentalhealth #socialjustice #americanpublicmediagroup #portraiture #makeportraits #pentax645z #godox (at San Antonio, Texas)