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October 6th, 2021 Loading Comments...

I spent so much time with @arlze @aleedas and @aridacious and have yet to get through all the work. I am so full having kicked it with them. I am working to finish ‘All We Be’ for a book project by early next year. Zines and other stuff will abound as I try to get use to a new workload and what I hope will be the vestiges of COVID-19 as the world turns. I hope you all are good. Don’t stretch your self too thin, cuz my limbs hurt. Make sure to check out @Arize music, @aridacious and @aleedas work. You all have made a cat wealthy in mind and heart and kept space with me. I also appreciate the editorial work I’ve had and people that continue to sit for the projects. Peace and love. #fam #family #portraiture #politicsistheaesthetic #love #contemporaryart #contemporaryportraiture #mcs #models #photographer #fujfifilm #pentax645z (at San Antonio, Texas)