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October 9th, 2021 Loading Comments...

All things seem to impeccably converge at rogue moments that answer hope. I’d recently gotten back into clearing space for listening to my voice, the basis of my writing process. If I can’t make time to listen in active sensitivity, I can’t make anything from not listening. Writing is talking to myself about life’s many things and events, a personal metacognitive assurance. I appreciate @barry_stone_ willful participation convergences such as these by suggesting and lending me this book. I cried this morning being held and holding and flying and breathing in the hold and the wake, rendered so awake. I’ve read so much Moten and Sharpe and Hartman in other people’s work in a way that is communion. I learning that writing is finding and that nothing we do or write is ever done alone. We sing through the voices of ancestors. #beholding #community #poetry #love #reading #writing