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January 11th, 2022 Loading Comments...

Happy New Year. The last few months have been mad busy. I’ll catch you up on some of it. Hi, again, too. I don’t usually do the ‘Hi, again, I am… post,’ but this should serve a similar function as well as being a shout out to you all just the same. My name is Anthony Francis, and I make photographs, other art shit, love, and some other shit fallible tend to produce. This is a portrait of the homie Brandon that came through the studio with his cousin (and mine) @alexand_bailey after we’d come from breaking bread and making work for @blackoutside_inc and @crbloomproject . Love to @angoutside and @kiamber.t . I’ve done some exciting, taxing shit with, both, love and performativity holding and reminding my ass. We always dine with those that love us, let us die, and surely kill us. This is such a fitting image with which to start the new year and a fine note to break my Instagram posting fast. Stay tuned. Stay warm. Stay up. Peace and love!
#family #youaremissed #artphotography #art #contemporaryphotography #weallwegot #makeportraits #fujifilm #fujifilmgfx100s #portraits #family (at San Antonio, Texas)