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Real shit, it was never on my bucket list to have my work acquired by a museum. When shifting from a career in K-12 education, I just wanted to work as an artist and make dope shit, my(our) definition of good. Like the seventh day is good, ya feel me. However, I appreciate having my work in dialogue with others that have chosen this path. It wasn’t until last year that I learned that making art is better when we are happy to be part of the group of humans that appreciate being in chorus with others. It is not a pursuit without struggle or problems (capitalism and ‘unhealthy’ competition) but it can be a wellness lifestyle if we let it, if we share, if we love. Always. Thanks to René and the @mcnayart . Here, my work is adjacent to @cindysherman and John Sonsinj. Peace and love thanks to @kaypea87 and @francismillicent (my mama). Mama, you made it. #family #love #portrait #contemporaryportraiture #art #makeportraits #contemporaryphotography #weallwegot #museum #mcnayartmuseum (at San Antonio, Texas)