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Last week @rballin left the light on at her studio for me to conduct a type of informal residency. Shot out to the neighbor/brother @brianspluto and my family @dr.tyra11 @jgriff215 @msgriff03 @askvernique @mfranciscreative Really it was a homecoming. I’m from Houston and hadn’t really spent time there as an artist since leaving a year after undergrad. This was a moment to make new family, and I was taken in in ways some didn’t know. I spent time writing, saw dope work by @suberanthony and @nba.dresscodes_ and am continuing to think about the space we do and might have, how we might encrypt with and talk to each other. @projectrowhouses was a great place to be; I was overwhelmed by family and time and the space between that was and wasn’t vast. I’m thinking about communally chosen invisibility. Thanks to all with whom I interacted, but thanks to my partner with whom we had to negotiate logistics and for those family that kept us. I’m proud to say we have a show in the H next summer. Stay tuned. P.S.If I met you for the first time, could you hit me in the comments so I can send you a note? Peace and love #family #opaqueness #love #htown #3rdwardtx #photography #village #art #contemporaryart