Breathe Collective

This video was made in the collaborative artistic space that is The Breathe Collective. The short film is meant to use the natural elements to express communal healing and gathering. The collective is comprised of artists Julysa Sosa, Suzy Gonzalez, Audrya Flores, Ceiba Ili, and Anthony Francis

Hike the Stars with the Black Outside for Black Diamond

This project was shot for Black Diamond and The Black Outside to speak illuminate The Black Outisde’s initiatives and programs that include Camp Founder Girls and The Charles Roundtree Bloom Project. Credits: Director, Co-editor, and DP: Anthony Francis, Sound Recording and Video Assistant: Joe Harjo, and Edited by The Sauce Productions

All Is

A series of performances that disrupt the conventions of portraiture through establishing a collective voice through stillness and reflections on privileged information.

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